Kinection For Shiva Engine

A free plugin for ShivaEngine ( wish open Nui World to Shiva.

Download for free on ShivaEngine Store :

This plugin is based on the Official Microsoft Kinect SDK 1.6 (2012 October).

Very Simple to use, the plugin offer to Shiva user new lua class : kinect

Vidéo :

Description :

(Use the game exemple to understand how to connect your application to kinect)


  • nCount = kinect.getKinectCount ( )
    Returns the number of Kinect sensors that are connected to the computer.
  • bOk = kinect.init ( nIdKinect  )
    Initializes the Kinect with id nIdKinect (begin to 0)
  • sMessage = kinect.getErrorMessage ( )
    if kinect.init return false use this function to know what happened
  • nFps = kinect.getFps ()
    return the kinect FPS process in frame by seconds.
  • fSmoothing, fCorrection, fPrediction, fJitterRadius, fMaxDeviationRadius = kinect.getKinectSmoothParameters( nIdKinect)
    return Smoothing information about kinect with id nIdKinect
  • bOk = kinect.setKinectSmoothParameters( fSmoothing, fCorrection, fPrediction, fJitterRadius, fMaxDeviationRadius )
    set Smoothing information about kinect with id 0
  • nX, nY, nZ = kinect.getBonesPosition ( nIdBones )
    calculate bone postion for  skeleton 0  of current active kinect (only one player in the first version)
  • nX, nY, nZ, nW = kinect.getBonesOrientation ( nIdBones )
    calculate bone orientation (absolute) for  skeleton 0  of current active kinect (only one player in the first version)
  • bOk = kinect.setAngle( nAngle )
    Sets the Kinect’s elevation or tilt angle in the range [-27 degrees .. +27 degrees], which defines the sensor’s Interaction Space

Requirements : 

Use normal driver (Official Microsoft Kinect website) to use with Kinect For Windows.

Kinect for XBox360 is supported only with the SDK driver, so to use it, please install Microsoft Kinect SDK 1.6 (Official Microsoft Kinect website)

Licence :

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